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Callgirl : Confessions Of A Double Life By Jeanette Angell


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Callgirl: Confessions of a Double Life by Jeanette Angell

“People ask so many questions about it. You did that? You’re kidding, right? How did you start? What’s it really like? What kinds of people use the service? What kinds of work for it?”

All callgirls are depraved and drug-addicted – right? No one with any self-respect would ever choose to be a callgirl – right? Wrong. At the age of 35, Jeannette Angell’s life took a shocking turn. Her boyfriend emptied their joint bank account and took off, leaving her penniless. Despite her job as a part-time university teacher, she was an independent, educated woman on the skids. Then she read a newspaper ad for ‘escorts’ … Uniquely honest, this is the true story of a three-year double life – university lecturer by day, callgirl by night. It tells why Angell made her decision, and reveals what happened on her journey into a hidden world.

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