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Australian Women’s Weekly : GARDENING BOOK By Allan Seale


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Introduction from the author:

Although it is likely that some gardening practices have not changed greatly since Adam started his first garden, we continue to learn with experience and find easier or more efficient ways to achieve good results in our gardens.
My ideas have not changed greatly since writing the first edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly Gardening Book in 1970. However, a number of plant varieties have been superseded since that time. There has also been considerable change in pest and disease control chemicals. Happily there is a move away from hard chemicals and some of the once conventional remedies are no longer available in the home garden range. With this transition there is now a better change to practise at least a little more biological control – to let nature have a freer hand to create her own balance between pest and predator.
Other changes have been designed to make the publication even easier to use as a general reference book for home gardeners. These include the alphabetical combination of previously separate evergreen and herbaceous perennial sections. Spring and summer flowers have been combined similarly but in all cases there are easy reference charts to guide you when seeking plants for specific purposes. The fruit growing section has also been extended.
The main aim of the book is still the same – to help new gardeners over the sometimes rugged initial steps to success and to bridge any gaps in gardening know-how for the more experienced.
Above all else, the objective is to eliminate the chore aspect of gardening and make it a happy and pleasurable pastime for people of all ages.
– Allan Seale

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