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The story of Thriftd Australia began in 2015 with a small eBay store based in Sydney, Australia and one clear mission: to reduce the number of good quality items going straight to landfill.

We support the increasing number of conscientious consumers who are making a difference by buying quality secondhand clothing, books, accessories, and home goods. From humble beginnings on eBay and local markets across Australia and the USA, we have expanded to become one of the largest online thrift shops in Australia. Curating an excellent selection of quality items, we aim to provide a seamless shopping experience with exceptional customer service.

A portion of your purchases will go towards local charities to save a koala, plant a tree and buy a bale of hay for a farmer.

Our Mission

Secondhand is sustainable.

Extending the lifetime use of an item is far more sustainable than creating a new item. Reusing textiles consumes the least amount of energy and is the best thing for the environment. Here are some important facts to note:

Secondhand is sustainable. Shop with Thriftd Australia
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Op-shopping made easier.

We work with local charities and small businesses to resell their excess stock, making it available to browse through and purchase from anywhere in the world.

We carefully assess, clean and even repair items if needed. We’re proud to have a local network of seamstresses to make every item something you’d be proud to wear.

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