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The Greatest Guide to Walking & Mountain Hiking by Mike S. Elliot


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The Greatest Guide to Walking & Mountain Hiking by Mike S. Elliot

This book is packed with useful advice and information for walkers of all levels. If you want to know how to choose walking boots, take a compass bearing or know the environmentally-friendly way to ‘poo’ in the woods, then this book is for you. The Greatest Guide to Walking and Mountain Hiking is essential reading for all new walkers but experienced walkers will also pick up many new tips by reading it.

  • Great tips and advice, from gentle rambles to serious fell-walking

  • Understand maps, use a compass and be a skilful navigator

  • Choose comfortable clothing and safe equipment

  • Plan routes and prepare for back-packing trips

  • Avoid outdoor hazards and handle difficult situations

  • Maximise your enjoyment of the outdoors

  • Help protect the environment

Author Mark S Elliott has been an avid walker for over 18 years. He has trekked and climbed mountains in many parts of the world and ran his own outdoor leisure and training company in the Lake District. He shares his extensive knowledge of the outdoors with you in this book.

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