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Sundowners by Lesley Lokko Paperback 2009

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Sundowners by Lesley Naa Norle Lokko (Paperback, 2009)


Take four friends…Beautiful, spoilt South African diamond heiress Rianne finds her world suddenly turned upside down after a chance encounter with someone she’d rather forget; intelligent, loyal Gabby, always worrying about everyone else, she needs to start looking after No. 1; pretty, petite Natalie, whose shrewd eye for business helps her forget the one man she can’t have; and Charmaine, an outrageous flirt, just needs someone to pay for the good life she so desperately wants. Then a chance encounter changes everything – and for Rianne and her friends, a thing is going to be the same again…
Author Biography Lesley Lokko was born in Scotland in 1964 of mixed Ghanaian-Scots parentage. She grew up in Ghana and was educated in Ghana, the US, and the UK. She trained as an architect and divides her time between Ghana and the UK.


  • Author(s): Lesley Lokko
  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
  • Date of Publication: 16/04/2009
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 1409103676
  • ISBN-13: 9781409103677
  • Subject: General & Literary Fiction
  • Place of Publication: London
  • Country of Publication: United Kingdom
  • Imprint: Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )
  • Out-of-print date: 12/01/2010
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 111 mm
    • Height: 178 mm
  • Format Details: A-format paperback

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