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Kit Hunter : The Wild One (Girls’ Adventure Stories) By Peter Grey


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Kit Hunter, The Wild One (Girls’ Adventure Stories) Hardcover
Kit Hunter returns to Colonel Hamden’s home, Moor Grange, soon after her mother’s death.  
Kit fondly recalls the wonderful times she had at Moor Grange as a child and eagerly anticipates her arrival at her childhood refuge. Kit’s arrival is marred by Colonel Hamden’s rude secretary, Miss Ashford, who seems to dominate Colonel Hamden completely.  
Even worse, Moor Grange has fallen upon hard times, and Colonel Hamden may soon have to sell his home.  
Kit learns from Mary Trent, who cares for the Colonel’s horses, that Colonel Hamden lost his fortune when his cross-breeding experiments failed. The Wild One is the only surviving horse from the Colonel’s experiments.  
The Wild One still roams the moors, and Kit hopes to find this magnificent horse.  
If Kit succeeds, she can prove that the Colonel’s experiments were successful, and the Colonel can regain his prosperity.

Kit Hunter Show Jumper Series
by Peter Grey

The Kit Hunter Show Jumper Series was published by World Distributors in the United Kingdom during the 1960s in hardcover editions with dust jackets.  At least part of the series was reprinted during the 1970s in picture cover editions by Redwing Library and during the 1980s in picture cover editions by World International Publishing Limited. 
The books follow the adventures of young Kit Hunter, who has recently become orphaned.  Kit travels to the Moor Grange estate to live with Colonel Hamden.  Kit helps Colonel Hamden out of financial difficulties by finding his horse, Wild One, and competing in international showjumping events. 
Just like the books in the other World Syndicate series, all of the books in this series seem to be about equally easy or difficult to obtain, meaning that it is generally no harder to acquire the later titles as it is the earlier titles.  
It appears that the books all went through the same number of print runs and that multiple titles were issued simultaneously.
Titles in the Kit Hunter Series:


1. The Wild One, 1959
2. South American Mission, 1959
3. Rival Riders, 1959
4. Bush Adventure, 1959
5. The Mystery of the Mine, 1960
6. Moor Grange Mystery, 1960
7. Fiesta for Wild One, 1960
8. Phantom Horse, 1960
9. Little Outlaw, 1961 
10. The Last Hurdle, 1961 
11. Royal Command, 1961 
12. The Homing Trail, 1961  
Series:  Girls’ Adventure Stories

Format:  Hardcover

Language:  English

Publisher:  Egmont Childrens Books

ISBN – 10: 072357958X

ISBN – 13: 978-0723579588

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