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One Fifth Avenue Candace Busnell Paperback – International Edition, 2008


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One Fifth Avenue Candance Busnell Paperback – International Edition, 2008

A 2008 novel by Candace Bushnell about the residents of the prestigious building, One Fifth Avenue.  Its character include a middle aged screenwriter, a novelist with a bad marriage, and a hedge fund manager’s wife. One Fifth Avenue, is a modern-day story of old and new money, of sexual politics, real-estate theft, and fortunes won and lost in a day, the always combustible mix that Edith Wharton mastered in her novels about New York’s Gilded Age and that F. Scott Fitzgerald illuminated in his Jazz Age tales. Bushnell’s New Yorkers suffer the same passions as those fictional Manhattanites from eras past: thirst for power, for social prominence, and for marriages that are successful-at least to the public eye. “Here are bloggers and bullies, misfits and misanthropes, dear hearts and black hearts, dogfights and catty squalls spun into a darkly humorous chick-lit saga,” says Publisher’s Weekly.

Candace Bushnell is the critically acclaimed, international best-selling novelist whose first book, Sex and the City, published in 1996, was the basis for the HBO hit series. Bushnell captured the country’s attention with Sex and the City by breaking down the bedroom doors of New York City’s rich and beautiful to expose true contemporary stories of sex, love and relationships. She is the winner of the 2006 Matrix Award for books (other winners include Joan Didion and Amy Tan), and a recipient of the Albert Einstein Spirit of Achievement Award. Bushnell grew up in Connecticut and attended Rice University and New York University.

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